Our fleet of 12 (and expanding) truck mounted mobile concrete pumps are all late model state of the art equipment specially engineered for high and trickle speed placement capabilities.

57m boom – Latest edition to the fleet
Model JUNJIN JXRZ57-5.18HP
Max Pumping Output 177m3/hr
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The latest model in its class, this 57m boom comes with a Roll-Z type boom design and theoretical pumping output of 177m3/hr. Mounted on a 7 axle DAF truck, it offers higher levels of reliability, operator comfort, superior maneuverability and faster set up times for a pump of this size.


As the flagship of our Concrete Pumping Division, this pump offers a high degree of operational safety and productivity, delivering precise concrete placement, even at a high output.

47m boom – 3 in the fleet!
Model Putzmeister BSF 47-5
Max Pumping Output  160m3/hr
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With long reach and smart design, these German manufactured machines have a range of innovative features that let you complete your job faster with superior results. Its Ergonic Boom Control (EBC) System allows for smooth and precise boom positioning at greater distances while reducing boom bounce.


With the smallest front outrigger footprint of all models in its class and the Putzmeister’s One Side Support (OSS) system as standard, these machines are able to set up within congested job sites with relative ease with engineering controls to ensure the machine is operating within safe parameters at all times

42m boom – Lightweight in design, 5-arm placing boom
Model Putzmeister BSF 42-5
Max Pumping Output 160m3/hr
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Lightweight in design without comprising Putzmiester’s high output hydraulic free flow pumping system, these machines have 30% more deck space allowing you to carry more equipment to the job. The low unfolding height of the boom combined with its lightweight design, makes it manoeuvrable and efficient under almost any condition.


This model also comes standard with Ergonic Boom Control (EBC) for smooth pumping and consistent concrete flow and Putzmiester’s One Side Support (OSS) system as standard.

38m boom – light weight Z fold boom design
Model Putzmeister BSF 38-5
Max Pumping Output 160m3/hr
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The perfect boom to get in and under! This machine offer an innovative, highly responsive Z fold boom design with low unfold height giving it a significant advantage to reach areas a standard Rollover Boom cannot. These Z fold type booms are ideal for projects with height restrictions (e.g. inside warehouses and shed, under tunnels and bridges)


This model also comes standard with Ergonic Boom Control (EBC) for smooth pumping and consistent concrete flow and Putzmeister’s One Side Support (OSS) system as standard.

36m boom – the ulimate all arounder pump!
Model  Schwing S36X
Max Pumping Output 161m3/hr
Specifications Download

Mounted on a three-axle, short-wheelbase truck, the S36X is one of the largest boom available in Australia on a single steer cab chassis giving you the versatility to set up closer to the pour area than most 40+ metre booms.


With the combination of front X and rear H outriggers, the S 36 X can set up without the space hogging footprints of other outrigging systems making it the ideal boom pump for big or small jobs.

28m boom – small footprint, low unfold height
Model Schwing S28X
Max Pumping Output 114m3/hr
Specifications Download

The perfect in and out pump! Its extremely compact footprint gives you the ability to be set up easily on congested sites and cover multiple pours per day.


Its RZ folding system provides a low unfolding height of just 5.85m making it ideal not only for normal construction sites but also inside enclosed structures such as factories and tunnels.


It’s is equipped with the ever dependable Schwing Big Rock concrete valve system for handling the harshest concrete mixes.

Linepump – ideal for shotcrete applications
Model Schwing SPT95 Line Pump
Max Pumping Output 73m3/hr
Specifications Download

Heavy duty and versatile, this machine has the capacity to handle the big jobs but also cover multiple pours per day with its fast set up time.


These versatile line pumps are ideal for situations where a boom pump would not fit or reach. It can be set up virtually anywhere and produces very little wastage at the conclusion of your pour. This pump is also fitted with an on board air compressor for shotcrete application.

Trailer Pump – Synchronized Additive Dosing System
Model Putzmeister Trailer Pump
Max Pumping Output  18m3/hr
Specifications Download

The ideal pump for hand-held concrete spraying work. This machine comes equipped with a hydraulic additive dosing system which synchronizes the liquid additive dosage with the concrete flow, which guarantees high precision and quality concrete spraying.


With its road-going chassis, transportation and on-site manoeuvring could not be easier. Is the perfect concrete spraying unit for work in tunnelling and mining.