Let us HELP YOU with your order:

The following information will be required when you place your order. Having this information ready will make the process run smoothly.

  • Do you have an account with Citywest Concrete Pumping? In no, please complete a Credit Application Form and email it back to us.
  • COD customers are required to contact us directly on 0407 199 196 prior to delivery.
  • The day and time concrete has been booked for.
  • An address with street or lot number.
  • What type / size concrete pump is required for the job? (if known)
  • How many concrete cubic metres (m3) are required to be pumped?
  • What is the mix / type of concrete that is to be pumped?
  • Are there any access limitations on site?
  • Are there any powerlines over the site?
  • Is there an area on site to washout the pump?
  • Is there any specific site requirements for the job?

It is recommended that orders be placed a minimum 72 hours prior to delivery to avoid an unwanted delays.

The concrete pump will arrive 30 minutes before the time concrete has been booked to allow enough time for equipment to be set up.

To PLACE an ORDER, Submit an Enquiry with the relevant details or contact us today on 0407 199 196.