Our ultimate goal is to achieve injury and incident free work sites and zero environmental incidents. We work towards the achievement of this
objective through education, training and on-site support of our workforce.

Our OHSE Policy is the cornerstone of our business. To achieve this objective, we will:

• Comply with all applicable legislation, standards and codes;
• Provide staff with clean, safe and healthy working conditions;
• Provide for all necessary learning and training;
• Ensure equipment, tools and machines are maintained in good repair;
• Promote continuous improvement in Health, Safety and Environmental Standards;
• Facilitates the prompt return to work of employees;
• Reduce waste and pollution generated from our activities; and
• Achieve a goal of zero lost time injuries

Citywest will provide on request our Site Safety Management Plan. Please contact us to have a copy emailed to you.


Providing both Boom and Line Pump Operators that are highly skilled and professionally trained in all facets of concrete pumping is an essential component to the success of our business.

Our ‘hands on’ approach to training focuses on a gradual progression of individuals from a hosemen, to line pump operations and ultimately certified Boom Pump Operators.

Our training program is further supported through our investment in 3rd party Verification of Competency (VOC) Based Assessments for Boom Pump Operators. These competency based assessment gives us piece of mind that our training and educating of personnel meets the required standards for the high risk industry that we operate in.

Training records are maintained through a training matrix for all employees and readily available upon request.


Our stringent maintenance regime ensures our concrete pumps and supporting equipment are well maintained for the safety of your team and ours, and to ensure that your projects remain on track without interruption.

We undertake a program of routine and preventative maintenance servicing that is supported by documented maintenance log books that are continually updated and audited as a check and balance of our operations.