Concrete spraying or shotcreting is a method of spraying a wet mix of concrete onto a frame of steel reinforcement. A high pressure hose is guided over the structure to form an even layer of concrete that is then shaped to design.

At Citywest, we specialise in shotcreting services for the Commercial, Residential, Civil and Infrastructure market segments in Western Australia.

We use the latest shotcrete application technology to ensure projects are of the highest quality and standards.



Our expertise includes:

  •    –  Multi-level basement carparks
  •    –  Residential basements & wine cellars
  •    –  Structural walls (replacing conventional insitu walls)
  •    –  Freeway embankments
  •    –  Drain and Culverts
  •    –  Concrete Repairs (bridge repairs, beam strengthening)


All spraying requires specific planning and inspection. Please contact us early in the process to assist you with the design and planning of your project.



Sprayed concrete is the perfect medium for the construction of organic shaped features that require a long life span and durability. Common applications that can be easily shaped using shotcrete techniques include:

  • Low curved retaining walls
  • Playgrounds features
  • Skate parks
  • Feature walls / Architetchuel Displays
  • Swimming Pools / Ponds
  • Urban regeneration – zoo’s, theme parks, climbing walls & caving systems, etc.